Why Safety Step?

At Safety Step, we appreciate that finding a slip hazard solution is not always easy. That’s why our sales approach is an education-based strategy that places an emphasis on helping customers understand what causes slip and fall accidents in the first place. With this knowledge, the customer is better equipped to select the most effective and long-term solution to alleviate these risks. 

With this approach each customer is assured and confident they have reached the best decision when choosing their Safety Step anti-slip product. 

Our Products

• 100% Composite product

• Hand molded FRP material

• No layering or bonding

• No surface grit coatings

• No weak spots


Learn about Safety Step 100% Composite FRP Anti-Slip Covers.

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Step covers

Eliminate costly slip and fall accidents on your stairs with Safety Step Anti-Slip Step Covers.

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Walkway Covers

Wipeout slip and fall accidents on slick surfaces with Safety Step Anti-Slip Walkway Covers.

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Ladder Rung Covers

Improve workplace safety by installing Safety Step Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers.

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